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Now in the era of internet revolution, the appeal of doing business on the web is clear. By bringing together huge numbers of buyers and sellers and by automating transactions, B2B marketplace expand the choices available to buyers, give sellers access to new customers, and reduce transaction costs for all players. B2B marketplace is an online place where buyers and suppliers meet to exchange information about prices, products and services offerings and to negotiate and carry out business transactions.


A2Z Business Consultant FZE, member of a2zegypt group, presents the center growth in internet electronic commerce in Business to Business marketplaces.


A2Z Business Consultant FZE is honored to present a2zb portal in UAE. www.a2zb.com is the first portal dealing not just in marketing & advertising industry, but also in representing companies in a full detailed profile to every and each clients. www.a2zb.com is considered the second phase in E-Marketing Industry. A2zb portal is totally different from any and every other marketing products in UAE. A2Zb is a lasting developing product, where any and every clients can touch the results of being a member in it. Our product has advantages never represented by any other marketing products, www.a2zb.com  creates unique profile for all its members via giving them an extraordinary services representing in the following:

1.    Free Domain names (www.companyname.com ) & (companyname@a2zb.com)

2.    Website templates, home page, products, services and contact information pages. ( unlimited Number of pages).

3.    Catalogue up to 40 photos with descriptions.

4.    Automatically sending your Newsletter to all members and receive from them.

5.    Marketing your own products and services via a2zb catalogue in more than 30 exhibitions and outlets.

6.    Available 24/7 for all kinds of customers not published in specific times or areas.

7.    Flexible content, where every company can change and modify its content at any time without paying extra fees using their own access user name and password, unlimited number of updates or amendments.

8.    Hit inquiries and buy products via trade leads

9.    Multilanguage products.

a.    Search by company, products, trade leads, etc.

b.    Company Logo is placed on all the pages and catalog.

c.    Commercial transactions are directly between the member and clients through a2zb.com portal without any interference or responsibility of a2zb.com .

d.    Each member can register in 20 sub - categories (activity types), for ease of handling through www.a2zb.com .

e.    Each member has a user name and password to allow fast access to his data on www.a2zb.com  and make any adjustments to the catalog pages and tags directly from the browser.

f.    Free e-mail company name@a2zb.com  (in the case of non-existence of Member Domain).





Free Domain Registration


Free Web Hosting 


Unlimited  Web Pages


10 unlimited size emails@company name.com


User Friendly CMS easy to use with full features


Unlimited Number of Updates


Multilingual ( Arabic & English )


No IT experience needed


40 Products Catalogue with shopping cart


register in 20 sub - categories (activity types)


Newsletters to all Interesting members


Promotion in Search engines , Facebook, Twitter, etc


Promoting CDs in more than 30 Exhibitions

 In a2zb every company will be able to represent itself in detailed. All companies will be categorized under industries. Every industry will be a separated community serving all kinds of clients and at the same time meets the marketing & advertising needs of every company which we can specify in the following:

Multilanguage product:

a)   English               b) Arabic

User Profile  - Company profile

Trade Site (home - products, services, projects- references - about us - contact us- etc.)

    4)  Products Catalogues

a)   Manage Product Groups

b)   Manage Products

c)   Add New Product

d)   Image Bank

Shopping Cart

Trade Leads

a)   Selling leads (announce non-specific number of any commercial transactions)

b)   Buying leads (respond to any Active ads)

Every company has the right to change, add and modify its profile as it seems suitable at any time during the year by itself with no need to refer to A2Z Business Consultant FZE.

 A2zb guarantee all companies that it will do best effort in order to be in the high ranking in top search engines and it will be added to top friendly communities.